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2nd and 3rd Edition SkyRealms of Jorune Photos

As some folks may remember, I posted up a video from Youtube about the first edition of the SkyRealms of Jorune rpg here on my blog, in this post.

Since I have all of the stuff for SkyRealms of Jorune that came out after that, I figured I would give folks some visual treats.

First up, the cover of the 2nd Edition SkyRealms of Jorune boxed set:

Then, two views of the contents of the boxed set:

Next up, a picture of some of the content found in the boxed set:

Finally, the entirety of the 3rd Edition SkyRealms of Jorune product line. Note that the two books at the bottom of the photo are the 3rd Edition rulebook on the left, and the Sholari Pack (including the GM Screen, Errata, and all sorts of other goodies in a booklet) on the right:

Totally nifty stuff. And I'm looking forward to getting back to the world of Jorune sometime later this year...
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