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An Interesting Wednesday

Yesterday was a somewhat eventful day.

First off, in roleplaying game news, I received my contract for proof-reading an as-yet-to-be-published roleplaying game, as well as the final layout PDF of said roleplaying game. So lots of work is ahead of me in that regard. I don't know how long the proof-reading will take, as it depends on how much correction/editing has to be done on the material, but it's also a pretty big book. So the rest of the week and the weekend should be interesting in this regard.

Second, I received my copy of the latest Christopher Moore novel, Sacre Bleu. The book looks really good, and I love the innovative way that the cover has been done for this book. Also in the package was another book by the author, this time a graphic novel co-written with Ian Corson and illustrated by Jennyson Rosero, The Griff. Looks interesting.

Third, I received my copy of Ian Anderson's latest musical work, TAAB 2 (that is, Thick As A Brick 2. While the original was one of the finest albums that recorded by Jethro Tull back in the day, TAAB 2 is definitely an Ian Anderson album, not a Tull album. While the lyrics and songs are quite good, the music itself suffers from the fact that Ian Anderson's vocal register just isn't what it used to be, and Martin Barre's searing and sometimes gentle guitar work is nowhere to be found on the CD. A good album nevertheless, but not a great album.

Finally, on the down side of the day, I was walking from the kitchen to the living room last night, not paying too much attention to where I was going, and had a foot accident. I rammed the side of my left foot and the pinkie toe on the triangular-shaped edge of my support strut for one of my speakers. I've likely broken the toe (and hopefully just the toe!) and have a lot of pain and some swelling of the foot this morning. Fortunately, I put ice on the toe right after I futzed it up, but still... Going to make walking and going to the doctor appointment this afternoon interesting. Just glad it's not my driving foot. ::knock on wood::
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