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Sense of Panic

For those who don't know, particularly since I haven't really talked about it here in my blog, I'm getting ready to leave for Paris, France (and you can do your own search on the 'net for info and material on the city in question!) this weekend. While I'm rather looking forward to this trip and to seeing the City of Lights once more, a sense of panic is starting to set in.

Here at work, things are hectic for me, as there are certain projects that I have to finish off before I leave. At home, I've got the packing and everything to deal with, of course, but other stuff is in the air as well.

For one thing, I've got the two gaming groups. Friday night's group isn't a problem. However, the Sunday group hasn't played in...well, several weeks to put it bluntly, and I am feeling obliged and determined to run the game Sunday. My flight leaves in the late Sunday evening, and once I arrive in Paris, I've got to go straight to work ('cause there's a six to seven hour time difference), and all that good stuff. With luck, I'll have a couple of hours to finish packing and do everything that is needed after the Sunday game, and then it's off to the airport and dealing with all the stuff that air travel passengers deal with these days. Then I'm just praying that I can sleep on the international flight. Other than the trips to Calgary to see Stef over the last year or so, I've not flown anywhere in several years. Certainly not international. So I can't even remember whether I can sleep while flying or not.

But there's a sense of panic setting in, as I feel...I guess I feel like I've not got enough time to take care of everything at the moment. Aww, well, speaking of which, gotta beckons.
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