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Quick Update

Yes, it's been a few days since I've blogged anything about myself and life at the moment. Been busy.

First off, the proof-reading and editing project that I was doing for a forthcoming rpg has been completed. I managed to finish the job off in five days, pretty good considering the book in question is over 250 pages in length. My eyes felt knackered and like boiled eggs when I was done, but I was pretty pleased with the job that I did. I actually worked three 8-hour days on this on Good Friday and the Easter weekend, but managed to get a bit of rest on Easter Monday and took yesterday off work for "personal time and reasons". Just needed that extra day of "rest". Easter weekend was not restful, to be honest.

The only real problem with this was that I had planned the Easter weekend originally for some time to do some work on the two scenarios that I'll be running at CanGames this year. That didn't happen, so I'm going to have to focus somewhat on that for the rest of this week and most of next, methinks. Such is life, eh? :)

Back at work today, but this is also a day of some medical stuff. I've just had my three-month diabetes blood tests done, and am now sitting at work trying to get myself together here at the office. I've still got a Footcare Clinic appointment this afternoon, and am actually looking forward to that, even with the pain I'm in from the fractured toe and a knee that I rammed into a post yesterday (don't ask!).

In the meantime, back to the grind.
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