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Gaming Wrap-Up Tonight

Just finished gaming with my Friday night group, and had to comment on the gaming session while it's still fresh in my memory. For those who don't know, the Friday night group are playing in Hollow Earth Expedition (HEX), and I have noted what occurred recently in the game in this journal entry.

The players wrapped up the scenario tonight, having rescued Matty (Ellie's character) from the giant white apes, and the guardian of the step pyramid, a sorceress who wields some of the old power. Hephestra the sorceress is now dead, killed by the Nazi bad guy, Helmut Ungaar, who himself is now dead, having been gunned down by the player characters and then falling to his death into the burning flamepit of the shrine. The characters came out of it with new allies in the white apes and the villagers from the nearby village, and have now set off upriver towards what the Mayan descended villagers called "the source of life" (but which the player characters managed to misinterpret as "the fountain of life") .

The players had a terrific time, and at the end of the scenario mentioned to me that they really like the addition of magic into the game (I had introduced some psychic stuff earlier, but this was their first "encounter" with sorcery in the game. Thank the Goddess for the material on magic in the HEX supplement, Secrets of the Surface World, even if the magic material is somewhat glitchy. For the most part, I have been winging magic in the scenario that I've just finished, but the players were pleased how I handled stuff. They also told me that they're sure that the Nazi villain, Helmut Ungaar, is alive (since it's the Pulps, and you can't keep a good villain down!), and that I managed to keep the sequence with the fight with the Nazis at the end and the escape from the collapsing central section of the pyramid exciting.

Anyway, I'm off to bed to catch some ZZZZs, although it's been a pretty warm day here in Ottawa, and it shows no signs of abating overnight. Hope I can sleep in the heat.
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