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Wintery Day in Ottawa

Well, doesn't that beat all?

Welcome back, winter.

Even though it's the 23rd of April, I have to say that I was quite surprised to look out the window when I got up this morning and saw that the ground and my car were covered with snow! The fact that it was snowing and raining as well at the time didn't improve my mood. I got ready for work, showering and eating breakfast, but I came to realise that with the way my foot was hurting (more on this in another post), it might be a smart idea to work from home today, which is what I'm doing.

It's quite bizarre and weird to see the snow outside, the fact that it's still coming down even as I type this, and that the temperature's currently 00C (exactly 320F). This is ridiculous for this time of year, although I guess it's something maybe we should all be expecting given the way we've treated this planet we call home and affected its climate.

Now, where's a blanket?
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