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More Dinosaur and Palaeontology News and Stuff

Some new things about dinosaurs and palaeontological stuff that's come to my attention over the last few days.

From back in 2011, Brian Switek blogged over on about a Triassic crocodile:

Triassic Crocodile Walked Like a Dinosaur

Then on the 25th of April, we had Brian Switek explained that Deinocheirus is a dinosaur primarily known from a huge set of arms, but what happened to the rest? Well, a Tyrannosaur ate some...

Tarbosaurus Leftovers Explain Dinosaur Mystery

And yesterday, from Brian Switek's Dinosaur Tracking blog, the information about the hidden dinosaur:

Pachysuchus, A Hidden Dinosaur

Today, from the New York Times, dinosaurs are moving to the New Jersey swampland:

Field Station - Dinosaurs to Open in Secaucus, New Jersey
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