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All For One Sunday Goodness

The Sunday afternoon gaming group left approximately an hour ago. I've just had myself a nice, hot cup of tea and some cream cheese and celery as a snack before I get around to cleaning up a bit upstairs before supper.

Today's game went pretty well, and I think it had a lot to do with the fact that the players were just glad to get away from playtesting gaming material and getting back to their campaign. Today's game of All For One: Régime Diabolique went pretty well, I thought, as the players continued the scenario that they are currently in, looking into an attempted murder of a fellow Musketeer. spross and Doug continue to struggle a bit with their characters, and had a hard time getting questions out to ask the various NPCs that they were dealing with about the attempted murder, but overall the game was relatively enjoyable, I thought.

Looking forward to running another session of this next week, and seeing whether the players and their characters get any closer to solving the mystery. Might have a bit of swashbuckling goodness in the session, too! :)
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