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Lots of Dinosaur-Related Material and News

All sorts of interesting stuff pertaining to dinosaurs and palaeontology (among other -ologies) today from the last few days, collected for your edification. :)

First off, from, comes this piece about rumours that Warner Bros. are going to unleash dinosaurs on Los Angeles:

Dinosaurs Invade Los Angeles Thanks to Warner Bros

Researchers are on the trail of Cretaceous dinosaurs in Arkansas:

In the Tracks of the Cretaceous

What was happening to non-avian dinosaurs just before K/Pg extinction? Here's an interesting video from Youtube on the subject from the American Museum of Natural History:

Theories on Non-Avian Dinosaurs

Were the last non-avian dinosaurs thriving, or declining? A study shows patterns were more complex than previously thought:

New Wrinkle to the Story of the Last Dinosaurs

Another twenty-four (24) new lizard species have been discovered, but many of them are already close to extinction:

24 New Lizard Species Discovered are Close to Extinction

From the Love in the Time of Chasmasaurs blog comes this piece on the evolution of dinosaur art...

Vintage Dinosaur Art Evolution Part 1

And finally, as Brian Switek reports on his Dinosaur Tracking blog over on the Smithsonian blog, from cuddly CGI critters to city-destroying monsters, a stampede of dinosaurs is headed toward the big screen:

Dinosaur Cinema Explosion

Lots of interesting dinosaur-related material to ponder, methinks. :)
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