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Packing and Stuff

Spent part of last night packing bags and making sure wardrobe for the business trip was adequate, and then watched the first two hours of I, Claudius on DVD again. Brian Blessed was simply amazing as Augustus in the series, and I really had forgotten how good he was and how commanding he was in the role.

I didn't sleep too well last night, tossing and turning, but there were no nightmares that I can remember. As some of you may have noticed from my photo, I am well and truly balding; as a result, I still tend to get acne from time to time on my head - and why is it that just before this trip, I have now got zits on my head again?? Nuts! :(

I am finishing up the last of the suitcase packing and the like this morning, and will put the basic toiletries and the like together as well. The Sunday gaming group will be here in about three hours, so that gives me enough time to just relax for a bit before lunch, and then once the gaming group leaves, I can finish off the last-minute stuff here at the house, before heading for the airport and all.

Really am looking forward to the trip.
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