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A Busy Saturday

Figured I'd blog about yesterday and the events of the day, since that was a somewhat intense day.

Started Saturday afternoon off with a lunch consisting of a homemade submarine sandwich - a fresh roll, some salami and chicken breast (low fat, of course), lettuce, low-fat Swiss cheese, topped with some ketchup and pepper - and then got back to sorting out character sheets for the runs of the Primeval RPG and All For One: Régime Diabolique for CanGames. (After all, the convention is a mere two weeks (gasp!) away.) By the time I finished that stuff, spross arrived at the house, and we got ready to head out on the foray planned. spross helped me sort out the character sheets for both the Primeval RPG and the All For One games that needed copying, and then we set out.

The first part of the Saturday jaunt was to grab my bicycyle and take it for a trip over to the local bike repair shoppe. This plan went down the tubes since we couldn't get the bike into either his vehicle or my vehicle, as we couldn't get the front wheel off the bicycle; either too rusted or something, but neither of us could get the two nuts holding the wheel in place to turn let alone move. After putting the bicycyle back whence it came, we headed out. First stop was the local Staples where I did the photocopying for the games I'm running at CanGames (see above), while spross printed out the material he needed for his Mekton Zeta game at the convention.

As noted in an earlier blog, Saturday was Free Comic Book Day. I hadn't really wanted to go looking at comics because my subscription has been sitting there for about six or so months, and I didn't really want to buy stuff this weekend (what with CanGames coming up in two weeks), but we chatted about it and seeing as how spross was driving, we webt out to the and Clyde location of The Comic Book Shoppe. The place was pretty busy, but I caved in and bought the five or so months of comics that were waiting there for me. I don't buy a lot of titles these days - Legion of Super-Heroes, Legion Lost, their crossovers, Fables and a couple of other things - but picked up over $100Can worth of comics. DC Comics is also bringing back the Justice Society of America, and so I picked up the first issue of Earth-2 to see what that's like, and got the first couple of parts of the new Legion/Superboy/Titans crossover as well. Lots of comic book catching up to do, obviously. :)

From there, spross and I went back to the east end over to one of the grocery stores, as I needed some bread & butter pickles (picked up Bicks, that aren't as sweet as a lot of others), and then went to Home Depot, since spross needed to get some timber for his dad. We went through about 60 to 70 pieces of cedar timber, but all of them were in pretty crappy condition, so spross didn't buy any at all.

spross dropped me off at the house around 6:00 pm, and I was just in time as Kathy dropped off my goddaughter so we could spend the evening and night together, as Kathy needed a bit of a break. As you can imagine, with all the walking around on Saturday afternoon, my broken toes were hurting somewhat fierce, but such is life. :) Ellie was still pretty contrite about her stomping on my foot and breaking the toe, but her mood improved as the evening went on. We had some pizza for supper (with her mom's permission of course) with a bit of salad, as well as splitting an apple for dessert. We spent the evening watching one of the Walking with Dinosaurs DVDs before I sent her off to sleep and did a bit of writing before crashing for the night myself.

Overall, a pretty good Saturday if I do say so. Didn't plan to spend as much money on the comics and photocopying of character sheets for the CanGames characters, but had a lovely evening and relaxed somewhat.

Anyway, time to get ready for Sunday's gaming group and their session of All For One... if I can find stuff buried under the mounds of paperwork and photocopies in the den...
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