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No Gaming Tonight

Home from work finally. Thank Goddess the work week is over. I don't know if I could have survived another day sane in the workplace right now, since I'm working double the assignment load right now, and the boss is taking the various pink slippings from the department on those of us left at the moment. Damn, not happy in the workplace right now.

In other news of this current Friday, the Friday night gaming group will not be gaming this week, so the All For One: Régime Diabolique is on hold until after CanGames and likely the week after, depending how "gamed out" I feel after the convention. The players have cited the reason that they've got some personal stuff to do this evening, but that's all right. I'm tired enough right now that I am glad to have the gaming evening off, though I'll miss the session of roleplaying joy somewhat.
Tags: all for one rpg, boss, cancelled, cangames, friday gaming group, gaming hut, job, personal, rpg hut, work

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