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Long Friday Night

A Saturday morning. Rather beautiful and sunny out there right now, but going up to around 240C (75.20F) - a bit warm for my taste. Oh, have I mentioned I am not a warm weather person? Well, now you know.

I suspect that a lot of folks that I know are heading for Ottawa ComicCon today, but I will not be one of them. While I would have liked to have met and seen Marina Sirtis and Erin Gray (of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Buck Rogers fame respectively), I just can't justify the cost of the convention to myself right now, in light of the fact that CanGames 2012 is coming up next weekend, and to be honest, I'm not feeling the comic book love these days.

As mentioned in the previous blog entry, I didn't game with the Friday night group. While they claimed that they had "personal stuff" to do, it turned out that this involved surprising me and taking me out to Wilton, Ontario for the MonkeyJunk concert last night!! We actually ate a relatively late dinner at the Wilton Tavern, and then... It was a great show, but to be honest, the drive was long and I was exhausted after getting back around 3:20 this morning. Oy vey! Didn't sleep well, to be honest, but had a good time.

I missed gaming last night, as I've been enjoying running All For One: R&egime Diabolique, but the MonkeyJunk concert was well worth it. And it got me away from the house, away from gaming, and into a different environs for an evening.
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