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Sunday Gaming

The Sunday gaming group has just left for the day, and I'm about to get ready to go out.

The group continued their play of the All For One: Régime Diabolique game system today, and managed to actually wrap up the scenario that they were playing in, though the resolution wasn't as solid as I hoped it might be. I wasn't sure that the gamers would be able to get a solid session in, as spross had told me that he was going to brunch with the family for Mother's Day and would show up a bit late for the game, but imagine my surprise when he arrived with Tammy around 1:00 pm!

In any event, the game went pretty smoothly and the plot was resolved relatively intact. My favourite moment came when the player characters learned some surprising news that they had not been aware of; the players' expressions were quite my reward, and events got handled very nicely. The player characters got in their final swashbuckling fight with the villain of the piece and his minions, and ended on a positive note.

In the meantime, speaking of Mother's Day and all, I've got to get ready to go out, as I'm taking my mother out to supper this evening at The Shallows. It'll be nice to give her this treat tonight, but time's a-wasting! I'm out.
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