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Car in for Servicing

This week promises to be a long week, what with work and then CanGames 2012 on the long weekend upcoming.

I stopped off on the way to work at the Chrysler dealer, to drop off my car keys so that they could go and pick up the car for servicing. It needs to have the winter tires removed, of course, but also needs a spring servicing, a few checks of some of the systems, and definitely a check of the air conditioning system. I couldn't actually drop off the car myself today as it wasn't my turn to car pool, and I wouldn't have been able to get in to work. That said, I was told that the car likely won't be ready to collect before the long weekend, so that puts a few cramps in plans for the rest of the week, and makes me glad that I went for my haircut yesterday.

In the meantime, got to get on with things and manage the best I can for the rest of the week.
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