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Of Cars and Bosses

Woke up this morning after a terrible night's sleep. The humidity in the air really got to me last night, and I also seem to have slept badly on my left shoulder. *sigh*

Spoke to the folks from the Chrysler dealer, and they will be picking up the car from my place around 2:00 pm this afternoon (or so they say). Will believe this when I see the car is gone when I get home from work in the early afternoon.

In work related news, finally found out why the boss was being such a mean bugger this past couple of weeks. It turns out he was one of the folks given a pink slip several weeks ago, and so he is out of the office as of yesterday. This makes my work life a bit more stressful, as the new boss will be showing up in the office on Tuesday of next week, and it means adjusting to a new superior's way of doing things, but I also have to hope that he understands my medical condition(s) and all. On the other hand, it makes the last few weeks under my old boss understandable, and with his departure today, certainly lends an air of calm and quiet at the office.

Should make the week after CanGames interesting, to say the least.
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