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Good Night From Paris

Just came in from dinner about 20 minutes ago. Good thing I brought a few sweaters with me. The temperature outside right now, according to the news, is 140 C, and is going to stay relatively cool and wet the next few days.

Anyway, André Courtemanche and his wife, Estelle, decided to take me to a relatively close by restaurant called La Table de Pierre, which specializes in Basque cuisine, and they brought along a very nice young woman named Alice Heredy, thinking that I wouldn't mind a bit of company.

I admit to being somewhat out of it, as I'm still suffering from the jet lag caused by the time difference, but I was my charming self. I had to beg off for the night after dinner, however, as I'm just wiped from the day that I've had (or is it two days? I've lost count, I think). The meal and the conversation was excellent, if somewhat confusing at times, since André insisted that I speak French, while he and the two ladies spoke in French and English. It's going to take me some time to get used to the Parisian French here, but I'm not really having a problem with the language, so much as with the accents of the folks around me. Lots of fun! :)

Dinner do I put this? Superb doesn't seem right, but will have to do. I don't remember all the dishes that we had, but I was enamoured of the pipérade (a Basque dish with onion, sweet peppers, and tomatoes sautéed in olive oil, in this case with a bit of egg and lots of garlic in it), and the marmitako (a fish stew with potatoes, onions, pimentos, and tomatoes). Lovely food, and it seemed relatively priced to me (I'm not used to the Euro currency, so...). I realised after typing this bit that I could seriously end up turning this blog about my trip into a foodie kind of thing!

And it made me realise something else...I have to be careful what I eat while I'm here, with the diabetes and all, although I'm doing all right at the moment (my bg is only 8.4 right now, which is really good!). André and Estelle dropped me off back at the hotel, and he will be here early tomorrow morning to help me get in to work again.

In the meantime, it's off to bed, and that lovely quilt! :)

Good night, all! :)

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