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Back at Work, and Car Stuff

Here we are, Tuesday morning.

I'm back at work this morning, though I don't have the car.

It feels weird to be back at the office after the long Victoria Day weekend and CanGames. This particular weekend exhausts me no end, and though I do spend the Monday resting up and reinvigorating myself after the convention, I'm still not quite 100% when I get back to Real Life(tm) the day after. There was also the concern this morning about my new boss, who was starting today.

I came in to find the new boss already at the office (this around 7:10 am), and he seems like a decent enough chap, and told me that he got a full report on me and my health issues from his predecessor, and given that he has Type 2 Diabetes as well, is willing to give me some slack. That's good news, since this is something that I was worried about. I told him about my back problems and he sympathised with me, and said that he's got no problem dealing with me in that regard to the same extent as my former boss here did. So this is good news.

On the subject of my car, I called the garage this a.m., and found out the head mechanic is off until Thursday, and they couldn't tell me anything about the state of the servicing of the car this morning. Waiting for a call back on this subject, and we'll see what's going on. While I don't miss the car per sé at the moment, I do find it convenient to buy groceries and the like, and will see whether I can impose/beg a lift for grocery shopping from friends of mine when I see them later this week.

Meanwhile, back to the work stuff.

Oh, and for those who are wondering, the first of the CanGames 2012 day reports will be out some time this afternoon, once I get home from work.
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