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Quick Update From Paris

Yes, I know I haven't posted since Monday. Just had a very busy, very full week of stuff here in Paris, and to make things more complicated, I've also caught a lovely chest cold that has made life more difficult - especially since I'm trying my best to ignore it!

But enough about that. Figured I'd give folks a bit of an update, so... Work is done for the week, and the folks here have been quite pleased with my performance, so I really hope I get a good evaluation report out of this - I wouldn't mind coming back to Paris again! :)

André Courtemanche has been a terrific tour guide and a good friend, and I have seen some wonderful stuff during my time off work since arriving. Tomorrow, Saturday, I'm going to spend most of the at two museums, the Louvre and the Musée D'Orsay, and want to go to the Luxembourg Gardens. (So much to see, so little time!) No idea what the plans are for Sunday yet, although I leave Paris late Sunday night for the return trip home, so am starting to do some of the packing before André, Estelle, Alice, and I head out to dinner. On the subject of food, I have tried to keep to some semblance of a diabetic diet, and have done rather well, I think, but come on, this is Paris!! :) Thus, I've been to some lovely restaurants (aside from eating breakfast every day and supper one night at Courcelles Étoiles hotel restaurant), an have eaten some wonderful French cuisine. The chest cold has whetted my appetite somewhat, but I've got so many memories of good meals from this week so far that, all understand. :)

Anyway, going to start the packing for the return home to Ottawa, take some meds, and read a bit, and then go out to dinner. We're going to Montmartre tonight, so am quite looking forward to this evening.
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