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Last Night in Paris

This is last night in Paris.

I had a wonderful time on Friday night when we went to Montmartre for dinner, and today has been a simply wonderful day, despite the fact that I am suffering pretty much from the chest cold. Like I've said in earlier posts on this subject while here, I'm not letting the bug get to me while I'm here, and am trying to enjoy myself. I can be sick when I get home! :) I will write more about Friday night and today's day excursions when I get back to Ottawa (I'll be home some time late Sunday night, Ottawa time)... Right now, I'm just heading out to dinner with friends to a restaurant over in the St Germain des Prés of the Latin Quarter, or Montparnasse (I'm not really sure, as the Parisian districts and all get really confusing... well, they do to me, at least, but I suspect if I lived in Paris, I'd have no problem with this! :))

Have a good night, everyone. :)
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