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Home From the Doctor

Just came back from the doctor's office, and the news is not good.

My big toe on the left foot that has the hang nail (the pinkie and the one next to it that are broken are also on that foot) is infected. The doctor said that I need to expose it to the air more, soak it twice a day in antiseptic of some sort (need to buy the recommended stuff), and apply fuscidin (sp??) (an antibiotic cream of some sort) to it twice a day. He told me to set up another appointment for two weeks from today to see how the toe is doing, and if it's not recovered/healed/whatever, more...aggressive treatment will be required. Damn it! :(

On top of that, he had the nurse reopen the area, apply disinfectant and a liquid antibiotic, and then recover with a band-aid. AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!! OUCHIE!!!! :(

In the meantime, I have come home and am dealing with the pain in the toe now as best I can, and have a few things I need to do around the house. Other than that, same old same old.
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