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Catching Up with Dinosaur News

Haven't posted a lot about dinosaurs here on the blog since the 24th of May or thereabouts, so figured I would catch up on some of the news on dinosaurs and palaeontology.

First up, Brian Switek talks about social sauropods, and how a recently discovered bonebed may yield clues about dinosaur behaviour:

Social Sauropods?

Next up, a classic paleo prank, featuring the enigmatic Tully Monster - In search of the Dancing Worm of Turkana. While the date of this one is April 1st, 2012, note that this is *not* an April Fool's joke!

LIVING FOSSILS: Tullimonstrum gregarium and The Dancing Worm of Turkana

The Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences (AAPS) made a statement on the Tarbosaurus auction - the group is in favour of fossil sales, but only if said fossils are collected legally.

The AAPS President's Message

I prefer the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP)'s reply and counter message to this: Don't buy or sell significant fossils (unless it brings fossil into public trust).

Fossil Sale Unacceptable

There's an interesting piece on how Sauropod dinosaurs changed the landscapes they lived on:

Impact of Sauropod Dinosaurs on Lagoonal Substrates in the Broome Sandstone (Lower Cretaceous), Western Australia

Another interesting research paper on the attack capabilities of the terror bird Andalgalornis steulleti. Neat stuff.

Flexibility Along the Neck of the Neogene Terror Bird Andalgalornis steulleti (Aves Phorusrhacidae)

Brian Switek came across a fantastic article from the Ogden Standard from 1920, suggesting that Stegosaurus could glide!:

The Gliding Stegosaurus

Brian also expounds a bit on his thoughts on this matter:

The Fantastic Gliding Stegosaurus

Brian Switek takes a look at the fact that birds have juvenile dinosaur skulls in his blog entry on the Smithsonian site:

Birds Have Juvenile Dinosaur Skulls

Terror birds just ain't what they used to be, according to Brian Switek:

Terror Birds Ain't What They Used to Be - A Titanis Takedown

From the Farmington, New Mexico Daily Times, comes this piece on how palaeontologists are ready to excavate a juvenile Pentaceratops. The dinosaur will help answer questions about ceratopsid growth.

Pentaceratops May Make Paleontology Waves

***** offers this wonderful set about eight prehistoric creatures that are sure to give you serious nightmares:

8 Prehistoric Creatures Ripped Directly From Your Nightmares

Lovely stuff, that. :)

There's a new PLoSOne description of a new hadrosaur - Kundurosaurus nagornyi - from the late Cretaceous of Russia:

A New Saurolophine Dinosaur from the Latest Cretaceous of Far Eastern Russia

In good news, re: the Tarbosaurus auction,

The Fate of Auctioned Tarbosaurus Yet to be Determined

And finally...

Dinosaur National Monument is famous for its quarry wall, but there's more to the park than the Jurassic graveyard. Furthermore, fossil discoveries continue to be made there:

America's Monumental Dinosaur Site

And that's as up-to-date as I can get for the moment. :)
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