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Friday Night's Parsec RPG Character Creation

As mentioned, spent Friday night creating characters for the Parsec RPG, the new science fiction roleplaying game that I intend to run. Figured I should write about that while it's still relatively fresh in my mind, as promised.

The Friday night group arrived for the game, and once everyone was settled in, I started to talk to them about the Parsec RPG and give them the basics of the game universe and its history. Once I'd gone through the basics with them, I opened things up with them asking any questions they might have about the game universe, the game system and its mechanics, and the like, and when the players were ready to start in on it, we got down to character generation.

Character generation for the game went pretty smoothly, which it usually does with the Friday night gaming group, and from what the players told me afterwards, they rather enjoyed the character creation process for the Parsec RPG. The game uses an interesting system that is something of a cross between systems that use lifepaths and more traditional methods of character creation. As far as the player characters are concerned, they have an interesting mix of characters. Kathy is playing Tamara Feregon, an archaeologist from the Canadian Shield Metroplex, who did something that got her to lose her job. Now she takes on work where she can find it. Rogar Meshon, Nick's character, is a bodyguard who worked for one of the corporations, Temio-Fargate (anyone recognise this name from another sf rpg that I used to run? :)), and knows a few too many secrets than is healthy for him. Jerrik Caramdos, Tom's character, is a relatively smart, somewhat unorthodox Fringer who is an expert scavenger. Michaela Prenn, Joanne's character, is an offworlder and pilot, who also has a few other survival skills that will likely come in handy. Angela is playing Garia Kallen, the daughter of an arcology designer, who wants a more exciting life, and seems to have found it. And finally, David is playing Erik Washburne, an Afrikaan gentleman with a thing for mysteries and puzzles with a strong sense of right and wrong.

It's an interesting mix of characters for the Parsec RPG, and I've already got a few plots in my head (need to get them on paper soon) based on what the players came up with for the game. As mentioned, the group liked the character creation system, though as they mentioned, it was certainly different in some ways than any that they've experienced to this point. They liked how their characters evolved organically as the character generation process went along, and found themselves quite satisfied with what they all came up with.

In the meantime, I need to gear up for the day, and get ready to do character generation for the Parsec RPG with the Sunday gaming group.

I actually plan to post an example of character generation for the game here on my blog in the near future, but in the meantime, if any of my LJ friends has questions about the game system or character generation, please feel free to ask me any questions here in the Comments section.
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