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Sunday's Parsec RPG Character Creation

The Sunday gaming folks left my place about half an hour ago, and I feel exhausted and somewhat drained.

As mentioned in the previous journal entry, I'm creating the player characters for the both the Friday and Sunday groups for the Parsec RPG this weekend. The Sunday gamers arrived between 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm, and we got down to the character creation process. As with the Friday nighters, I started to talk to them about the Parsec RPG and give them the basics of the game universe and its history. Once I'd gone through the basics with them, I opened things up with them asking any questions they might have about the game universe, the game system and its mechanics, and the like, and when the players were ready to start in on it, we got down to character generation.

To say that character creation did not go very smoothly is an understatement. I guess it started off that way because none of the three player actually had any character concept in mind, and so created their characters on a wing and a prayer (as I like to call it), and see how the characters evolved as they went. In actual fact, the players didn't complete the characters, and still have the sections on their Passion and their Scars to go. Given how the process went and Tammy's...obstinacy, about certain issues, the characters are a bit of an uneven smorgasbord. The three players decided to take characters who are all from the fringes, barrens, or wastes of Earth, but then wanted to have characters who are spacers of some sort! Had to make gaping allowances for certain aspects of the characters, in order to "fit" with their concepts. spross created an asteroid belt miner, Tammy created a ship pilot, and Doug came up with a corporate security guy who works out in space.

While the players told me afterwards that the Parsec RPG character generation system is intersting, none of them seemed really thrilled about it, and certainly didn't evince a great deal of enthusiasm for the game system. That may be due to the fact that they seemed somewhat overwhelmed by such an organic character creation system (something they've not experienced in the gaming we've done so far), and I have to say that I was a bit frustrate with Doug's exasperation with things (or so it seemed to me) as the afternoon went on. That, and Tammy's...single-mindedness. spross seemed to be the only player of the three who did have any enthusiasm about the game, but he struggled as much as Tammy and Doug with some of the character creation issues that they were all having. In a lot of ways, I feel as though I let the players down somehow in terms of the character creation process, perhaps mostly in terms of describing the basics of the game setting to them, though the Friday night group didn't seem to have any issues or qualms about this.

In any event, I am looking forward to running the Parsec RPG at some point soon down the road, but after the experience with character creation today, I'm...somewhat depressed.
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