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Heading Out to the Clinic

Got up again about 8:00 am, and felt a little bit better.

My bowels have not agreed with me on this point, but they have calmed down to the level where I was finally able to take my morning shower, and re-dress the infected toe. I'm not all that hungry now, but I am very thirsty and can't have anything until after the endoscopy.

Stayed down here in the lower level of the house, since I'm not allowed to drink or eat anything, so I didn't want to go upstairs and encounter temptation. Just waiting for the taxi to come to take me to the clinic where I'm having the endoscopy in about 45 minutes. Not looking forward to this, and wish I could run screaming into the night (except it's now morning.

Anyway, will blog later, if I'm up to it.
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