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After the Endoscopy, Once More

I'm home, and am feeling all right.

Kathy was kind enough to come out this morning, and while I took a taxi over to the gasteroenterologist's clinic for around 10:30 am, she showed up there around 11:00 am or so. The place was pretty full, and the receptionist had me fill out the paperwork and stuff, and then one of the nurses took me in at around 11:00 am. The head nurse told me that Dr. Sekar was behind by about an hour, so they got me to a bed, inserted an IV connection into my arm (still hurts like hell), took down all the pertinent data, went through my medical history, and then left me to lie on the bed and wait for them to come and get me.

I didn't get to go in and have the endoscopy until close to 12:30 pm. I won't go into the process since I don't remember that much about it, but when I came out of the relatively light sedation (I do remember seeing the interior of my stomach on the scope monitor and display. Ewww!!!), Dr. Sekar told me that my esophagus was in good shape and the condition had improved considerably due to my taking the Tecta for it. He said that I could reduce the dose of Tecta by a full pill, and that the GERD was well on its way to healing itself. He also told me that I shouldn't be as uncomfortable as I was last time I had the procedure done, as he didn't do any biopsies or cut out any polyps this time around. Good stuff!

I lay in recovery until about 1:00 napping, and when I was fully awake (but still a bit groggy and somewhat giggly), the staff released me into Kathy's company. Since I had brought some meds with me, Kathy and I went to Kelsey's to eat a light lunch. I had some chicken soup, we shared a nice bruschetta with tomatoes, vegetables, and feta cheese, and then I had a small chicken wrap while she had a nice chicken burger. Simple, but filling, lunch. (I paid, of course.)

After lunch, Kathy took me back to the house, by which time I was feeling tired and achy. My chest hurt a bit, and my throat was a bit raw from the procedure, but the most painful part was the IV wound in my left arm. I crawled into bed about 2:15 pm, and woke up around 4:00 pm or so. Kathy made us a bit of tea and some biscuits, and then seeing that I was doing relatively well, bid me goodbye and headed home. I owe her a weekend with my goddaughter Ellie, not a really big sacrifice. Anyway, *thank you*, Kathy, you are the greatest. :)

I called a couple of friends to let them know how I was doing, and then went back to bed and napped some more. Woke up again about 15 minutes ago, and it's time to start thinking a bit about supper for tonight. Something light, methinks.

So there you have it. I'm home, I'm somewhat sore in the throat as well as both the chest and the left arm, but I'm just worn out and still a little bit groggy. Much simpler and easier test than having both the endoscopy and the colonoscopy for sure, and the news is good. Had a good afternoon's rest and some sleep, and am going to take it easy this evening and just watch a bit of tv or maybe pop some Babylon 5 DVDs into the machine.

See how I'm feeling in the morning. Now if my damned toe would just heal, life would be peachy.


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