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Abbreviated Work Week and Friday Night Gaming

Back home from work after a relatively short work week this time out, due to having the endoscopy on Tuesday.

The work week wasn't too tough, though I've been suffering from sore throat, shortness of breath, and a bit of chest pain for the past few days (side effects of the endoscopy in some cases, which should ease off and disappear by next week). In other good news, I got my car back yesterday, though it cost me $200 for spring/summer servicing and the parts and labour for the driver's side window and door that was being problematic. So, I'm relatively mobile once more...

Looking forward to gaming this weekend with the two gaming groups. Both gaming groups will be playing the Uber RPG: Steampunk game this weekend. Tonight, the Friday night gamers will play an intro scenario that I'm thinking of as a one- or two-shot adventure. They've already created their player characters for the game (something I need to blog about at some point soon), and have an interesting mix of characters. While they found the game system to be a bit clunky at times and character generation overwhelming in a couple of ways, they rather enjoyed the freedom it gave them and the steampunk world feel that this game has over several other games that purport to cover the same subjects. The Sunday group, on the other hand, will be creating their characters for the Uber RPG: Steampunk, and while a couple of them have expressed trepidation about the game system and its mechanics, it should be an interesting weekend nonetheless.

In the meantime, I've just got to finish off the notes on tonight's scenario of Uber RPG: Steampunk, and make sure I've got everything I need to run the game. Then, a bit of light reading before supper.
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