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Life on Saturday

Woke up this morning, and have been feeling groggy most of the day so far.

Yesterday afternoon, spross brought over the print outs of the sheets I need to run today's game character creation session for Uber RPG: Steampunk. We went through the storage cupboard looking to see if we could find any of the a|state RPG materials (for reasons I'll go into maybe in another post). After that, I figured I owed him, and so we went out to the local Dairy Queen and had some ice cream - two small sundaes, mine with chocolate and pineapple. Lovely, and refreshing in the hot Ottawa weather.

After he dropped me off at home, my mom called and asked if I wanted to go out with her for dinner, as she was too tired from the weather to cook for herself. I agreed, so I drove to pick mom up and then and she and I went to Brother Wu's for Chinese food but couldn't get a table as they were having a birthday party for the evening. Mom said we should go over to her other favourite place, Lai Lai, which was nearby, so I agreed to that. We had some soup, she had a spring roll, I had gow tien, and then we split some beef with chinese greens and an order of mu shee chicken. To say the quality of the food at Lai Lai has dropped is an understatement, and mom was quite sad about this. I drove mom home, and stayed for a cup of tea before heading home, and then soaking my infected toe in salt water again. Crashed early, and dreamed something that had me tossing and turning all night.

Woke up, as I said, feeling groggy. Part of it has to do with the heat (as Ottawa has a heat wave going right now; today's temperature is supposed to hit 300C), I think. I've just finished breakfast and am getting ready to game with the Sunday group.

More later.
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