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Sunday Gaming Becomes a Pandemic

The Sunday gamers have just left for the day. It interesting afternoon of gaming, that didn't go all that well from a roleplaying game point of view.

The Sunday gamers - spross, Doug, and Tammy - arrived at my place around 1:00 pm, and we sat down to start gaming. The afternoon session's purpose was for the players to create their Uber RPG: Steampunk characters, so I started off by giving the players the background that I had for the game world and information about various aspects of the setting. Suffice it to say that by the time 3:00 pm rolled around, the players had no character concepts in mind (other than an idea for a group of "rat catchers" used in a rather bizarre way that I'm not even going to try to explain), and to make things worse, spross said that he didn't like the mechanics all that much, and the group agreed that this game wasn't for them. Coupled with the fact that the players weren't able to get a grasp on the Airship Pirates rpg either, we've come to the conclusion that steampunk rpgs are just not for this group of players.

In order not to make the afternoon a complete loss, we finally decided around 3:10 pm or so to play some board games, and since Doug was willing to give it a try, we played another pair of games of Pandemic (here's the Wikipedia entry). The first game saw me play the Researcher, Tammy with the Medic, spross the Operations Expert, and Doug the Dispatcher. We lost this game when we were overwhelmed by Outbreaks of disease, as we couldn't seem to work together to cure/eradicate the four diseases in question. The second game was much better, as I had the Dispatcher, spross had the Scientist, Tammy had the Researcher, and Doug had the Operations Expert. Despite some heavy epidemics and several outbreaks of disease in the Orient and in Africa and South America, we were able to cure all four diseases and win the game with some time in the game left to go, as we played a much more cooperative game with one another.

Overall, a rough start to the Sunday session, and one that I feared would end in disaster, that was mitigated by two rather good games of Pandemic.

In the meantime, supper awaits, and an evening watching the third episode of the Continuum tv series. Looking forward to that, and a quiet night at home. Now if the weather would just cool off somewhat...
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