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Start of Work Week

Woke up this morning feeling somewhat groggy, a bit ill, and rather depressed.

The depression stemmed from this weekend's gaming sessions of the Uber RPG: Steampunk games on both Friday and Sunday, though Friday's game session went better than Sunday's (for all that's worth). I've not had this rough a weekend of gaming in a long time, and to be honest, it wasn't pleasant.

Another part of the reason I'm feeling somewhat ill and down in the dumps has been the weather. It's been rather hot and humid in Ottawa this past few days or so, and today shows no signs of easing up at all with a temperature of 320C (it's already 260C, and it's only 8:25 am for Goddess's sake!) and a humidex of close to 400. Not going to be pleasant. And I am not a hot weather person at all, though I can handle it when it's hot and dry, but not when it's hot and damp like this. Add to this the fact that I don't think my left big toe is healing of the infection that I got from the hang nail, and when you add the heat and the humidity to that, well...

Judging from the memos and the piles of paper on my desk when I came in for work, it's going to be a busy day, and that should hopefully keep me distracted somewhat from all the stuff that's going on.

The only good news is that I enjoyed watching last night's third episode of the new Continuum tv series. While I'm not sure that I want to keep watching the series, there's been enough in the episodes so far to keep me watching at least the first four episodes, so we'll see how the show develops a bit longer. Last night's episode was certainly entertaining, added somewhat to the mystique and mythos of the series, and made me decide to watch Episode 4 next week. So I guess the show accomplished its mission, at least in regard to me.


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