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Of Work, Weather, and the a|state RPG

Came home from work about an hour ago.

Talk about a brutal day. My boss at work is being kind about stuff and everything, but the workload on my desk today and the new project that I'm starting on is going to kick my ass (literally, I suspect) for most of the months of June and July. Can't say any more about that.

Have been relaxing since I got home from work, the heat and humidity getting to me even worse on the way home and at the house. The upstairs level of the house has been way too warm for my comfort, so I've spent most of the my time here at home this afternoon soaking my infected foot in a tepid water bath with salt, while reading some a|state RPG material on the 'net.

Yes, you heard me right. I've decided to run the a|state RPG once more, in place of any steampunk rpg that I might have run. While the game has some steampunk elements to it, it's more Dickensian in feel than steampunk, per sé, and I suspect the players will be happier with the game. The only problem is that the computer crash I had wiped out all of the files for the game that I had created, including all of the new locations I had worked up, the new characters I had created, and all the rest of it.

Doesn't matter, though. I'm going to run a|state again, and hope that spross and Malcolm Craig (the writer of the game) still has the correspondance with some of the gaming stuff for it that he and I discussed years back. Here's hoping. ::crossing fingers::
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