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A Decent Wednesday

Today has been a pretty decent day.

The weather in Ottawa today was relatively comfortable, temperature-wise, and there was only a modicum of rain and all that stuff, with the sun shining down at times peeking through the clouds.

My head was somewhat clear today, no doubt due to the temperature and the lack of humidity and my sinuses getting a bit of a break. However, my infected hang nail toe just doesn't seem to be healing, and I'm getting a little bit worried about that. Work wasn't too bad today, and I got home around 3:15 pm. And I managed to clean a good amount of the paperwork off my desk at the office.

Speaking of paperwork, spross dropped off at my place after he finished work, and brought me the printing of game material that he's done for me for the a|state RPG that, for some reason, has mysteriously vanished from my storage cupboard. There's so much of it that he had to bring it in a small box! :) So, now that I had my den relatively tidy again, there's now masses of papers pertaining to a|state lying all over the place.

Anyway, cup of tea, then start digging through the papers. :)
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