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Of Vacuum Cleaners and New Versions of Dallas

Forgot to mention in my earlier post today that spross also helped me unpack, assemble, and "basic" test out the new Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner that I bought for the house.

I needed to buy a new vacuum as while I like the two, old style heavy vacuum cleaners that I have in the house, they're just too heavy for me to use around the house and on the stairs because of my bad back. The new Dirt Devil is quite light, easy to manoeuver around, and simple to clean out the refuse and junk it picks up from floors and carpets. With luck, this will ease my workload in cleaning the house somewhat.

Meanwhile, tonight on the boob tube, the new Dallas tv series began with a couple of hours of Ewing family backstabbing and surprises, and the familiar faces of Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, and Linda Gray, along with the next generations of the family on which the show will seemingly concentrate. While it was entertaining and all to watch, it had the same feel as the 1970's show had, just updated for today, and it's not a series I'll continue to watch, as to be honest, I don't want to spend too much time watching re-makes of tv shows that I felt differently about 30 years ago.

Off to bed, now. Got a busy, long workday ahead of me tomorrow.
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