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Toe Infection, Part Deux

I just got back home from the doctor's office and stopping off for lunch.

The news from the doctor was not good. Yes, the big toe on my left foot where I had the hang nail on the inside portion of the toe is still infected, somewhat majorly, but not as badly as it might be. He told me to continue soaking the foot, preferably in something like Dettol (which I used for infections and cuts back when I was kid, being raised by a UK mother who had a strong sense about these things) or very strong salt solution, and to continue applying Fucidin ointment to the wound. In addition, he prescribed a ten-day course of Keflex antibiotic, taken four (4!!!) times daily. Lots of side effects, so hopefully I don't suffer from any. ::knock on wood::

Stopped off at the Golden Century Buffet on the way home, and had a light lunch of some won ton soup and a stir fry chicken dish made in front of me, before heading over to the pharmacy and handing in the presecription. It will be ready in the morning, so I can pick it up then.

In the meantime, going to sit back and rest and possibly read a bit before I have to start getting ready to eat supper and then game tonight.
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