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Sunday Afternoon Game - a|state RPG Character Creation

As noted in an earlier blogy entry today, the Sunday gaming group was coming over to start the a|state RPG campaign, with character generation first on the agenda.

Doug arrived first around 12:00 noon, and we chatted a bit about his film course that he's taking. While he and I were eating lunch, spross arrived and handed over some of the printing for the game that he had finished up for me. After we brought stuff upstairs for the game, Tammy arrived close to 1:00 pm, and we got down to character creation.

Both spross and Tammy decided they were going to play their characters from the previous campaign, and so that left Doug in a position to create his character from scratch, while the other two merely tweaked their characters from their previous notes and the like. After I went through the game world with the three players, Doug and Tammy asked some interesting questions about the game world, and we then proceeded to get into character generation.

As I mentioned in Saturday morning's blog about the Friday night gaming group's creation of their characters, character generation in the a|state RPG is a somewhat involved affair that involves putting a solid character background into focus before getting to the game mechanics. spross is playing Tucker Harris, a Provost from Folly Hills in the TCMAA, who has a bit of a drinking problem. Tammy is going to be playing her character, Megan Owens, better known as "Mouse", a rather diminutive and lithe antiquities hunter in Folly Hills. Doug is playing an unnamed character who is a canal salvage hunter and cargo/passenger hauler in Folly Hills as well who gets upset about the sound of ekranoplans.

After we finished, both Tammy and spross commented that the system was just as interesting as fun as they remembered, though the math part of character creation was a bit rough, something I noticed that Doug was having a difficult time with, not to mention making choices and all. I had forgotten how much fun this game is, even character generation, and had a pretty good afternoon of it all. The players haven't quite finished the game numbers for their skills and they've not gotten to Wealth and their equipment and gear yet, so part of next Sunday's session will be spent dealing with that.

Overall, a good afternoon of gaming, I thought.
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