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Catching Up with Palaeo News I

Taking my morning break here at work, and figured I'd do some catching up with a bit of news in the field of palaeontology.

First, this wonderful bit about the equivalent of the Jurassic housecat, even if it is a croc.

The Jurassic's Housecat Croc

In some sad news in the field, paleoanthropologist Philip Tobias, an expert on South Africa's fossil humans, has passed away...

South Africa's Beloved Professor Philip Tobias Dies

Further to previous posts about the Tarbosaurus that was auctioned off, the obvious has now been confirmed - auctioned Tarbosaurus was illegally removed from Mongolia. But what happens next?

Tyrannosaur Is Truly Mongolian, Experts Declare, Challenging Sale

Continuing this story, there is a new press release on the Heritage Auction sale of the Tarbosaurus:

Palaeontology Experts Examine the Tyrannosaurus Baatar, and Issue Reports

While the Velociraptor is kind of fascinating, the Day-Glo Velocirabbit is kind of neat and funny, too.

Day-Glo Velocirabbit

Then again, over on his Dinosaur Tracking blog, Brian Switek offers this article to counter the Velocirabbit piece mentioned above:

In Defense of Raptors

That said, there is nothing like being able to make your own dinosaur at the Field Museum of Natural History. Some say there is nothing quite like the smell of a Mold-A-Rama stegosaurus, fresh out of the mold.

Mold-A-Rama Stegosaurus at the Field Museum of Natural History
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