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Some Time with My Mom and Sis

Came home from work, and then headed over to my mom's place to spend a bit of time with my sister, Diana, who's come in from the U.S. to visit my mother and me. The weather is absolutely brutal, heat-wise and humidity-wise today here in Ottawa, and even with the air conditioning, the drive back from work and going to mom's place was not pleasant.

Spent a good two hours or so with mom and my sis, catching up with Diana about what's going on with her and family, and just having a good time of seeing my sister again. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Diana had brought me some sugar-free licorice from the U.S., as well as four jars of sugar-free jam for my morning toast on the odd occasion. That was really nice of her, and it'll be nice to be able to have some jam on toast in the mornings once more if I feel like it.

Came back from mom's place a bit late, so I have only been able to do a little bit of stuff in terms of some roleplaying game work and reading for the a|state RPG. Not regretting this at all, since it was good to spend a bit of time with my sister and my mom.

In the meantime, time to make a bit of supper on this Tuesday night.
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