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Work, Health, and Gaming

Just came home from work, after a somewhat gruelling day at the office. The boss and some of my co-workers were in a foul mood today, no doubt due to the hot weather and some of the staffing problems that are going on here at the office at the moment, but I found myself rather calm and collected for most of the work day.

On the health front, my left big toe that is infected may or may not be healing, but it still looks somewhat inflamed and red to me. I've just finished soaking the toe in some tepid water and salt, and it looks somewhat better - but it always does after the soaking. I just really hope that the antibiotic that I'm taking is doing its job, and that the toe infection is being dealt with by that stuff. 'Cause the diarrhea that I've got from the antibiotic is...very bad.

While soaking my foot for the 15 minutes or so that I did that, I was able to read a bit more of the a|state RPG game material that I've been working through, and actually jotted down some notes for another adventure for the game; this brings to three the number of scenario outlines that I've made the past five days or so, and this is a good sign that the game is definitely one that I want to run.

Meanwhile, the Friday night gaming group will be getting into some sample combats this week, although David is going to alter his player character, since he decided that he doesn't want to play the Lostfinder while Tom's got the Antiques Hunter. As for the Sunday group, Tammy's decided that she wants to change her character and make her a Lostfinder (talk about the irony with the Friday group business in mind!), and spross has found that he needs to make some changes and alterations to the character that he's got, and I'm not sure where Doug's going with his character, or whether he intends to alter it or completely re-design it, so... There's likely not going to be any actual sample combats and the like, since they hadn't finished their characters yet (as noted in this blog entry).

Ah, well, such is life.
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