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Eating Out

My sister called around 5:00 pm, and wanted to know if I would like to go out for dinner with her and my mother. I wasn't really sure what to do in this regard and hadn't planned on going out to supper, but to be honest, I wanted to get out of the house because of the feelings of claustrophobia that I had this afternoon (brought on by the somewhat too warm temperatures), and because they had decided they were going to eat Chinese food. So I said "Sure thing!".

I drove over to mom's place around 6:15 pm, cranking up the air conditioner in the car as the day was still wetly hot even by that time, and picked up my sister and my mother. Mom told me that, based on my recommendation from the last time I was there, we would go to eat Chinese food at Brother Wu. I was amenable to that, so I drove over to the restaurant, and we enjoyed the evening meal. Not going into detail about the meal, but it was an excellent repast filled with good food, and some leftovers that I have at home now!, and good conversation and just catching up with each other and all.

I have to say that I've stopped ordering Chinese food in at home because, to be honest, it just doesn't taste the same when you have take-out or delivery as when you eat it hot and fresh in the actual restaurant itself. Going to eat at Brother Wu was just what I needed tonight, and to be honest, reinforced my decision never to order Chinese food in again.
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