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Catching Up with Palaeo News II

Back in the office after lunch, and since I still have about fifteen minutes of lunch hour left, I figured I would catch up with some more news in the field of dinosaurs and palaeontology... So without further ado...

First up, a really neat video of a palaeo wedding proposal. I'm not going to spoil the surprise.

A Palaeo Proposal

Over on his Dinosaur Tracking blog, Brian Switek discusses the manner in which our perceptions of dinosaurs is changing. How many folks remember the Stegasaurus with two brains?

The Dinosaurs They Are a-Changing

Another interesting piece on mammoths, and the fact that they didn't go out with a bang...

Mammoths Didn't Go Out with a Bang

Utah's feathered dinosaur death pit project needs your help with their 2012 excavation...

The Feathered Dinosaur Death Pit Project

An article on the fact that Edmontosaurus wasn't actually duck-billed, but more like shovel-beaked.

Shovel-Beaked, Not Duck-Billed

Another Dinosaur Tracking blog entry, in which there's a discussion about the fact that there are over 100 ideas for the demise of the non-avian dinosaurs, including lots of diseases bits...

Disease and Demise of the Dinosaurs

A fossil mammal mystery for folks...

It’s a Kangaroo...It’s a Llama... No, it’s Palorchestes!

And finally, for today...

On June 23rd, the Royal Ontario Museum is going to open a tribute to some of the largest and strangest dinosaurs ever found, in Ultimate Dinosaurs: Giants From Gondwana. The centerpiece of the celebration is a full-size mount of the huge sauropod Futalognkosaurus — a long-necked, 105-foot titan that was described in 2007. And as part of the lead-up to the exhibit’s debut, the Toronto Star is featuring a time-lapse video of how palaeontologists put the dinosaur together. After just a few hours, an 87-million-year-old giant stands again.

Final Dinosaur Arrives for Exhibit at the ROM
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