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Sunday Afternoon Game - a|state RPG Character Creation, Part Deux

As mentioned in another post or two, I said that I would talk about the Sunday gaming group session and their a|state RPG character creation process as well. Ah, well, better late and all that, eh? :)

The Sunday gamers arrived as per usual, Doug showing up around 12:00 noon, with spross and Tammy showing up around 12:30 pm and Tammy a bit early at 12:50 pm or so. Given that Tammy was going to create a totally new character instead of playing her Antiquities Hunter, I had hoped she would come out earlier than that, as I wasn't sure what Doug was doing with his character and spross just had to make some tweaks and alterations to his material, but such was not the case. In the end, it didn't matter because of how things turned out. Before I go futher about this, you can read about the last attempt at character creation by the Sunday group for the a|state RPG in this blog entry.

Doug decided that he was going to create a totally different character, as he wasn't all that thrilled (I guess) with the original character that he created. I was all right with that, though I sincerely hoped that he had a concept for the character in mind (but he didn't, and that made things more difficult, as it turned out). Tammy had decided that she was going with her Antiquities Hunter, because she couldn't wrap her head around one of the background elements for the Lostfinder character that she was planning to do up, but after about fifteen to twenty minutes, we had that hammered out, and she decided to create the Lostfinder. spross was the only one who made it easier on me this day, as he really just had to make some adjustments to his background for the character, and then redo the numbers for the character as well.

Tammy's Lostfinder, whose name I can't remember, came out pretty well, I thought, though she was a bit displeased at the sheer number of skills the character needed to have in the end, but I find that Lostfinders are like that. The job entails a good, varied skill list. Doug's character, also nameless, was problematic for him to create, as he had a vague idea of what he wanted, and allowed the a|state RPG character questionnaire to dictate where he was going with the character. In the end, he settled for a technical type of fellow, although it seemed that he wanted a Ghostfighter character; I tried to steer him away from this because a) the a|state RPG combat system is so lethal; and b) he's played the strong and/or agile fighter type a lot in various games, and needs to explore other types of characters. To his credit, he went along with this, and the repair fellow that he created should be interesting, given the character's background. spross's character, Tucker Harris, is a fourth or fifth rendition of the character (not sure which), but is a rather safe character in terms of the his backstory and some of the decisions made therein. There's nothing wrong with that, but to be honest, the character could have been badass. Ah well, that's all right, too, as I can't really see SteveR playing the badass character, and from what he told me, neither can he. So the character works for what he is.

All in all, I found the afternoon to be somewhat frustrating, as the players tended to waffle and vacillate over what they wanted to do with the characters, though once they started to focus on the game numbers, that part of character creation went rather quickly. That has more to do, in the a|state RPG anyway, with the fact that once you've got thought out, measured responses to the questionnaire, the game numbers really fit themselves on the sheet based on how you answered the questions. However, when it comes right down to it, the process with the Sunday gaming group was so much different than that with the Friday nighters. Or perhaps they have me spoiled. In any event, I'm glad the process is over and all. Now I can just look forward to actually running the Sunday a|state game once August comes around.

Oh, and just as a side note, Tammy and I spoke about it yesterday, and she's decided to play the Antiquities Hunter after all. It turns out she finds the Lostfinder's backstory too complicated, and would rather play the other character. Story of my life.
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