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Getting Ready for Sunday Game

Have just come upstairs and am cleaning up a bit before the arrival of the Sunday gaming group.

Part of me is looking forward to this afternoon, but the rest of me is dreading going through the paces of character creation once more with the Sunday gaming group for the a|state RPG. I had hoped that the process was done after last Sunday's session (see this post for more), but some of the players want to make changes to their character, although I don't know what Doug wants to do with his, as he's not spoken to me about this over the course of the week.

In any event, need to get some cleaning done up here, and then get the fixings for lunch ready before Doug shows up around noon. Will definitely post a blog about today's game session when I get a chance.
Tags: a|state rpg, character creation, gaming hut, rpg hut, sunday gaming group

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