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A Request

Dear Body,

Yes, I know that you are feeling deathly ill these days due to the respiratory infection that is plaguing your lungs and trachea, but help is here, really it is. The antibiotic that you've been taking is having somewhat of an affect on the virulent disease, and you are getting enough fluids put into you to float a Roman trireme.

Thus and so, would it please be possible to keep the coughing to a minimum at night when I am trying to sleep? When you are sick, we require more sleep than we usually get, and what with having to go to work in the mornings, I dislike being woken at 2:30 am with a bout of coughing and having coughing fits on and off for the rest of the night until the alarm clock goes off at 5:30 am. I have noticed that the cough medicine really doesn't help, but to be honest, any rethinking of your condition would be gratefully appreciated at this point.

Your humble (tired) servant,

Tags: personal, request to self, respiratory infection

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