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The Start of a Long Weekend, Soon

Ah, Friday has finally arrived...

It's been a long week, marred in many ways by some truly annoying incidents and occurrences, but to be honest, I'm just glad the week is over even if I'm not fond of the return of the truly hot weather here in the city of Ottawa and its environs.

The fact that I now don't have a car again, until the folks at the Chrysler dealer figure out what's wrong with my engine, has made the turn in the weather somewhat worse for me, since my exposure to the heat is not a good thing. It's made me feel a bit worse for the wear and all that, and I'm hurting in a few places that...well, the less said about that, the better.

On the other hand, this is the Canada Day weekend, and so there's a lot to look forward to in that regard. Also, more importantly to me on a personal level, this is the start of a month of gaming where I will not be running the games. With the Friday night group, Nick Roberts will be running a game starting this evening, and on Sunday, spross will begin running a game as well. Both these games will run for the entire month of July (at least, that's the plan), thus giving me a whole month to actually play in games, and not have to GM. That's one of the better birthday presents that I'll be getting this year. (Oh, did I not mention that my birthday is next week? And so, coincidentally, is the anniversary of this LiveJournal.)

In any event, looking forward to the weekend. :)
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