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Of Cars, Gaming, and Long Weekends

Came home from work about ten minutes ago, and there was a message for me on the answering machine from the folks at Chrysler.

I called them back to find out what's going on with the car. The Chrysler dealer told me that they think they've found the problem. There is a pair of engine sensors that are acting up with the car and giving false information and reports, causing the car to react the way it has been. In any event, they've replaced the two sensors, and he is taking the car home with him this (long, at least in Canada) weekend to test things out, put the car through its paces, and make sure the car is driving properly. (Just thinking about how much petrol that's going to cost me!)

However, for now, I get to look forward to a long weekend, some early birthday celebrations, and good friends and some good gaming - WHERE I AM NOT RUNNING THE GAMES, I AM *PLAYING* IN THEM! wOOOOOOOT!
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