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Friday Night's Play - Desolation Gaming

Had an excellent game last night with the Friday night gaming group. The most delightful part of it, of course, was the fact that I wasn't running the game, as Nick Roberts is running for the entire month of July, thus giving me a break from running, and gifting me the opportunity to be a player for a bit.

Nick started up the game of Desolation that he's been running on the Friday night group for the last few years as my birthday treat, and last night's session was a return to basics. The situation started with Angela and David creating characters for Nick's game, and then we went through some samples of combat to re-familiarise ourselves with the game system and its mechanics (even for me, because yes, it's been a while since I ran the game).

Once more, I am playing the character of Sakhut of Ridge River in Nick's game (whose writeup you can see by following the link). The sample combats for the game went pretty well, and I found myself to be quite effective with a spear (Attack 7L) when I had to be, as magic is kind of dangerous to use in the system because of Burn. The single one-on-one combats were enjoyable to watch, and I did a pretty good job when I took on David's former Legionnaire. I was outmatched by his character weapon-wise (he had the sword at 12L and the spear at 10L), but managed to put up a good fight through the (in)judicious use of Style Points. The group combats were smartly run by Nick, and I enjoyed our encounters with some wild animals and some bandits.

Looking forward to Nick's running of the game next week, as we begin play on the scenario that he has created for this year. Can't wait to see what he comes up with! :)
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