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State of JohnK

I've been up for several hours now, despite the fact that it's the 2nd of July and so I have a day off from work today in celebration of Canada Day. Nice to have a long weekend.

That said, for the past three or so days, I have not been feeling too well in my stomach and bowels.

I've been sick to my stomach and bowels. For the last three or so days, I've had terrible abdominal pain, primarily in the lower part of my abdomen, and have had what can best be described as watery diarrhea that feels somewhat acidic, as it's burned coming out. It's gone on for several days, as mentioned, and has been at varied hours and has come in waves when it does occur, so I'm sitting on the toilet for sometimes 3/4 of an hour just waiting for the cycle of diarrhea to be over.

Suffice it to say that I'm not a happy camper, and if this continues for much longer, I may go to the doctor or possibly the hospital.

In the meantime, life goes on... with bathroom breaks. :(
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