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My Canada Day

Yesterday was Canada Day, for those who missed it.

I didn't miss it, so much as I merely decided that I wasn't going to go and party on Parliament Hill with all the folks who were going to be out this day and evening. Besides, the Sunday gaming group wanted to play, and since spross was going to run the game, who was I to say "No"?, as is so rarely get to be a player gaming-wise.

The day started uneventfully, rather mundanely, with a bit of cleaning up in the house, though I did have some bowel and diarrhea trouble in the early hours. and I started to re-read one of my favourite Mary Gentle novels, Grunts!. spross arrived around noon, and he picked up some Subway sandwiches with him so we could do lunch. Also around noon, the NHL Free Agent frenzy started, and I was able to keep an eye on that for about half an hour. Nothing really happened during that time, other than a couple of minor deals.

Since Douglas wasn't coming out for the game on Sunday, spross and I waited for Tammy to show up, and he and I had a bit of the English trifle my mom had made as part of my birthday treats for the week.
Once Tammy arrived, spross set up to run the game, and we spent the afternoon playing in the Desolation game that he set up.

SteveR's game session was a mix of stuff, that I'll talk about in a moment, but overall I had a good time in the game. I got to play my Tesro Haldane character once more (see the link for his creation here on LJ), and had a pretty good time. The basic premise of the adventure was that our three characters (myself, Tammy's Heather Greyfalls, and Doug's character) were on a mission to check out our After community's vineyards (if they were still there) and see what we could salvage from the supplies, if anything. We were accompanied by three NPCs (Tam Winterfells, a Jherlinder goatherd; Jalia Vintess, a former barmaid; and Alanah Corvelan, a herbalist and healer) on our travels to the vineyards, some four to five miles from the community of Morlainen. Suffice it to say, that we found the outbuildings for the vineyards to be somewhat intact, and Heather Greyfalls and Tesro Haldane split up to check out several buildings. I had to rescue Alanah when she fell through a part of the floor that gave way on her in the shed we entered, and I was bitten by a raccoon while investigating a bed with blankets on it.

spross did a pretty good job running the game, considering, but he ran the game on a wing and a prayer, and it showed in some of the lack of preparedness. I find that he tends to be overwhelmed with everything that he has to remember as a GM, and this showed as well. More importantly, he struggled when it came to descriptions of places, people, and things (and since rpgs are very much wordy and description is very important), so it made it tough for Tammy and me to "connect" with the game environment and know what (type of) questions to ask about stuff. He also struggles somewhat with the whole Style Points economy, and this makes it tough for the players to use Style Points, since we never know if we're actually going to get any back for our actions, roleplaying, etc.. That said, he did an adequate job, considering that he doesn't run all that often, and I'm glad that spross is running the game, as it's nice to actually play for a change. :)

By the time the game session finished around some time around 5:15 pm, my mom had arrived at the house, and so she, Tammy, spross and I had some more of the English trifle that she'd made. Once Tammy and spross left, I cooked supper for mom and myself. Since I have the car back, I drove mom back to her house around 10:00 pm or so, and then got back home and settled in to read a bit again.

I went to bed relatively early, around 10:45 pm or so, but was woken up at 3:15 am with a terrible case of abdominal cramps and the runs once more. (See previous entry for what's going on.)

Otherwise, so far, so good this morning. :)
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