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Office Gifts, And No Access to Refrigerators

Just got back to the office after eating some lunch out. I had a simple chicken sandwich, with a small salad, and some water.

This morning, the folks here at the office gifted me with a little prezzie that they all chipped in to buy. I received a couple of cards, one from Donna, and the other from the rest of the office crew, including the new boss. It's a hardcover copy of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 that Donna tells me they got on-line from a bookseller, but that it was "relatively inexpensive". Lovely gift.

All morning, I have not been allowed to go to the office refrigerator, as there is supposedly a cold dessert of some sort that we will be sharing shortly here in the office. It was kind of funny this morning, when I wanted a cup of tea and went for the milk, and Donna said, "Oh no, you don't! Not going to spoil things!" and she insisted that she gets the milk for my tea for me. Couple of the other folks won't let me go to even get a glass of water, as they don't want me going in the fridge for any reason. Quite a hoot in some ways. (Oh, dear, does that expression date me a bit?) :)

Will let folks know what the cold dessert is later.
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