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Cold Dessert Surprise!

As promised in the last blog entry, I said that I would talk about the cold dessert that my co-workers had in the refrigerator here at the office, once we partook of it.

The dessert was (insert drum roll here:) Cupcakes! Blackforest cupcakes! :)

Each cupcake was round 4-1/2" in size, and about 4" tall! The cupcakes were in silver holders, and were quite nice, sprinkled with a bit of strawberry dust. The gang had chipped in and bought eight (8) of them. Good thing, too, since they were (notice the past tense!) quite large. :)

Since Donna knows I'm trying to take care of myself a bit better these days (barring birthday treats and the like), she and I split one of the cupcakes between us, and the rest of the office crew just devoured the rest of the cupcakes.

And very tasty they were, too! Nomnomnom:)

In the meantime, another 25 or so minutes of work, and I'm done for the (birth)day.
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